If I Could Have One Super Power..


If this was the case..

And I was granted one wish from a genie in a bottle that gave out free superpowers, I would pick an ability that actually exists in the world today.

Some people indeed already have this super power and it’s something that can be learnable if you have the right resources.

It’s not super sonic speed.

It’s not teleportation or telekinesis (the ability to read thoughts and move objects with the mind). 

It’s hypnotism.

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I’ve been fascinated with the art of hypnotism for years now.

I came across the idea of it on the internet when I was a couple of years younger and since then I’ve just always been intrigued by it.

The idea that you could maybe manipulate people without them knowing it? I mean who wouldn’t be a little bit interested in that.

What I just said may sound a little devious but I can assure you I do not have any sort of evil streak in me at all.

Maybe a little one but no more than your average joe.

Bottom-line, I would not use this power for bad. Only to achieve my personal goals.

That also means I wouldn’t become vigilante and try to fight crime either.

Seriously, have you seen any of the Spiderman films??

The amount of time that fighting bad guys takes up on poor Peter Parker is simply too much to spare for this guy.

I gotta write this blog yo and that shit takes time. Especially when I got to make sure I include all of these 40 things before hitting that ‘publish’ button.

I got to see hypnotism in effect IRL..

A couple of years ago.

Three or four, I think.

World renowned Irish mentalist and magician Keith Barry was doing a show in a hotel close to me.

I seen the sign for it a couple of weeks before hand, driving by in the car, along the side of the road.

I recall seeing the word hypnotism and being like, ‘holy shit!’

This stuff is really in Ireland?

So I begged my mother to get tickets and a couple of weeks later I was sitting front row with another friend who also decided to go, at a Keith Barry show.

It was really fucking cool.

It was one hour of pure magic.

If you’ll excuse the pun.

There were so many effects and illusions being done I can hardly remember them.

But there is one that sticks out now that I think back…

At the show’s intermission..

Keith said that there would be pencils and small pieces of paper left at the side of the stage for us to take.

He wanted us to google a question, any at all, write it down on the piece of paper and put it in a box left in clear view of the audience during the break.

We would obviously have to get the answer to these questions on our phones.

You see the guy claimed that he knew every answer to every question that could be googled or something along the lines of that.  So when he came back on stage he would get someone to hand him the pieces of  paper and then proceed to churn out the answers to some of these questions.

I think mine was something like ‘How many users does Facebook have at present?’

You know, something numerical that just might trip him up.

Unfortunately, I don’t think he got to my question.

But he did actually manage to get every question he pulled out right.

Which stunned a lot of people who I guarantee like me were trying to catch him out with their ones.

So he did it for I think 5 or 10 minutes.

Bam, bam.

Every time, correct.

Then the final one just completely blew everyone’s mind.

“Do fish have balls?

giphy (3).gif

Yeah it was pretty funny I’m not going to lie.

The whole auditorium just erupted into laughter at the hilarity of the question, yet how genuinely honest it was.

He started doing hypnotism..

and this was the part that I was really interested in so of course I perked up in my seat and stared with rapt attention, dissecting everything that was going on.

He had a flashlight in his right hand that we would shine on the unfortunate vic.. •cough volunteers in the audience.

I remember at one stage I must have been staring a little too intently because I distinctly remember him shining his light in my face with a kind of worried look.

At the time I think I was just freaking out on the inside like ‘holy shit he shined his light on MEEEE! AHHHH!’

giphy-downsized (3) copy 4
This gif is an accurate representation of the moment.


Either he was worried that I was a super-fan ready to jump off my sit and run onstage to give him a hug, which I kinda doubt.

Or he was worried that he accidentally hypnotised me along with the rest of his subjects.

I’m not gunna lie if I actually knew how to hypnotise people..

Five times out of ten that would most likely end up happening to me.

I’d be halfway through convincing someone that when I snapped my finger they’d put a ‘shmuh’ sound before every word they were about to say, on like live television or something, and the next thing you’d know we’d probably all be speaking ‘shmenglish’ or some other language just as fucking ridiculous.

The camera would just pan on all the people speaking funny and then it would come back to me quietly slipping off stage. Then to me sprinting out the emergency-exit door.

This sounds like something you would see on a Rick and Morty episode. lol.

So if you could have any superpower, real or imaginary, what one would you pick?

Leave it in the comments under this blog post.

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Until next time.

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Stay posted,


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