Trying To Achieve Your Dreams? You Need To Answer This Question..


It takes a lot to achieve a dream. Grit, determination, motivation, resilience, etc. Some people have all of these qualities. Others do not. This difference is what separates the individuals who are more likely to find success in their pursuits and the people who are less likely. But whether or not you have any of these skills is for another day. If you really want to achieve your dreams or ambitions, if you possess any of these abilities or not, at some point in time you’re going to have to answer this question;

Are you ready?

If you suddenly woke up on Thursday and knew that Friday morning your dream was going to come through, would you be ready?

The reason why I’m broaching this subject is because I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently and have come to the conclusion that no, I would not be ready.

My dream, for those of you wondering, is to become a globally recognised Hip Hop artist and to be signed to a record label.

Over the last while I’ve been writing records, planning recording sessions and live shows. But if I was to be completely honest with myself, I’m not at the standard of skill and artistry at which I would feel comfortable doing all these things. I would probably look back within six months of doing a live show and be like “what the actual hell was I thinking”.

I’ve had these ambitions and dreams since I was eight when I gate-crashed my cousin’s wedding reception and sang She’s The One by Robbie Williams. Since I was twelve and I started freestyle rapping on the internet with complete strangers. And now when I’m almost sixteen and I have plans to drop a mix tape in the next year or so. It’s been the only thing I’ve every really had in my head. Kind of like a “Get Rich or Die Trying”  mentality. 

But now that I’ve had the time to think about and  come to terms with the fact that I’m not as good as it takes at the moment, I’m really ok with it. The realisation has brought with it this playful atmosphere of complete possibility.  I have plenty of time to work on my craft and get it to a quality that I can be happy with. Because the truth is if  I continue on this path that I have found myself on at the minute, of recording and doing shows, I could say in years to come “oh yeah, I’ve been recording and performing music since I was sixteen years of age.” But in reality, how much of that is actually going to be of decent, consumable quality? A very small percentage. I can tell you that for free.

I know very little about production, I’m a mediocre piano player, I practice a little guitar. Sure I can write raps and that’s something I am very good at. But to be a great musician in general I need to perfect and master all of these individual crafts. Because I have finally realised that I would rather be globally recognised when I’m 25 as a Hip Hop artist and signed to a label because I create dope original music, then be signed to a label at 18 still making records from free instrumentals with sub-par lyrics.

You Feel Me?

We all have dreams and ambitions and they’re all very different but one thing we always have to keep in mind when trying to achieve them is that we have to be honest with ourselves. Are we making moves too soon? Are we sacrificing the quality that comes with the experience we don’t have yet just because we want our dreams to come through right now? 

I think this is a huge thing for teenagers my age who are just starting to figure out what they want to do in life. Honestly, could you do the hobby that you think will make you a millionaire as  a job in the morning? For adults as well, yes, but I think the wisdom and knowledge that they gain over the years teaches them this lesson a bit sooner because they have more experience with the world.

Adults, I think it would be fair to say, think about these things more so than our age group, because they have to think a bit more logically then us teenagers. They have to support families, pay rent/mortgages. They have responsibilities that force them to take  these questions into account when deciding to do anything in regards to their dreams.

So you want to be a professional YouTuber? Are you ready to make and edit videos every day? Are you ready to market yourself on the internet? Are you ready to collaborate with other content creators? Are you ready to x,y and z?

I think everyone should take this question into consideration when thinking about their dreams and making them real. It’s honestly freed me a lot. You just have to remember that it’s okay not to be ready. Just as long as you promise yourself that some day you will be.

Thanks for sticking round until the end. I hope you enjoyed that piece of writing.

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18 thoughts on “Trying To Achieve Your Dreams? You Need To Answer This Question..

  1. This is so relate-able . I know some people who want to achieve a lot of things but don’t even work on becoming deserving or worthy. They just want to be there but they really don’t think about the quality. I, myself have a lot of goals I desire to achieve, but somehow I try to work on bettering myself.
    This is a great post. I hope you’ll be ready by the time you get to where you’d love to be. Good luck! 🙂

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  2. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading this post, it’s really well delivered and you have such interesting thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and the follow. As a gratitude I also follow you. Have fun blogging 🙂

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  3. It’s great that you’re thinking about these things at your age. I know when I was sixteen, if my dream had suddenly come true, I would have been in a blind panic! You’re right, you need to develop the skills and talents needed to achieve those dreams before you can set about the actual act of achievement. And, it sounds like you’re on your way!

    I look forward to hearing your awesome original stuff when you get it out there. 😉 And thanks for reading! ❤

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  4. First, don’t ever give up. Second, no matter who your heroes are they all went through this. You speak of having to be great at all of these things, and you don’t. Jay Z can’t make a beat to save his life, but he can rap like none other. He isn’t perfect either. Writing or rapping it is about confidence. I started writing when I was thirteen and to call what I was doing writing is being way to generous. But I was and from that I learned a lot. You are still very young. You are in the learning part of your dream. Sad as it is to say this the best time. Why? Because nothing you do will be worse than the last thing you did. You can only get better.

    We only learn through failure not success. Money doesn’t equal success. As much as we’d like to believe this or not.

    Have fun and don’t be afraid. Best of luck to you and your future.

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    1. Wow. This is probably the craziest response I’ve gotten so far on this blog. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and offer such a great insight. Honestly blown away rn.


  5. Love what you are doing here! Your outlook is full of so many great ideas and I’m glad that you are blogging to share it with the rest of us. {{Keep it up}} —

    I am a firm believer that nothing worth having comes without hard work and a bit of struggle. Otherwise, would it feel good when we finally had it? Half of the journey seems to be in fighting for what you desire.

    You talk about waking up and getting your dream tomorrow — The big question, would we be ready? I think the reality is that sometimes, we get things (maybe even MOST of the time) when we *aren’t* ready. Being thrown in the deep end often helps us to decide then and there if this is truly what we wanted or just a fun idea in our minds.

    I love that you are so aware of what you can do to build up your skills so you are more prepared when the moment comes — however, with a mentality like this, I have no doubt that you will be. Great writing, I look forward to following along! ❤

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  6. I am 22 years old and turning 23 really soon. I am working as a grade school science teacher (2yrs now) but most of the time, i dont enjoy it. The kids love me and the job is pretty easy, there is a part of me that says “pursue something that will make you happy/fulfilled”. I have an idea what are those possible career path that I would take in for consideration but my responsibility to my family as a young adult drags me to settle to my current job. I know I am ready. I am willing to risk my job for a low paying job or nothing at all just to pursue something that will finally make me happy. Well i guess im not ready at all. Lol.

    I really like how you share your ideas, it makes me wonder and think of myself more. Very relatable. Good job!

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    1. Thanks for sharing man. I’m glad to hear you’re ready to make moves. I hope you go through with them, honestly. Thanks for those kind words at the end and for stopping by too! Appreciate it all!


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