This whole blog may seem strange at first glance so before I begin to actually utilise it and start making content I’d like to take a little time to explain, as the title suggests,  what’s what.

A lot of people will have probably thought by now that this website is about a kid who is actually a mentalist. While I do like to dabble occasionally in the field it’s not something I am so experienced with that I could start to blog about.

So to clear up any confusion, Kid Mentalist is merely an online persona that I have decided to use. Something that I have never done before, used a persona. This blog is an experiment so I why not be exactly that, experimental.

The subject matter of this blog will be very varied so I don’t think I can pick a name that accurately reflects its content. Another reason to pick a name as abstract as I have chosen.

I like to read a lot about self-help and creativity so there definitely will be some of that in there.

As to actually starting this blog, it came about because I felt the need to write again. I previously published on the media platform Medium founded by Ev Williams of Twitter and Blogspot. But after so long it just became less about writing and more about trying to get the most recommends possible. Which took away from what I actually wanted to do. Write. So I decided to return to where it all started. WordPress. 

I started a blog on WordPress in 2015 and began writing on the internet for the first time in my life. Two years, another WordPress blog and a Medium account later, here I am at the root of my origin, a better writer and storyteller then at the time.

My goal for this blog, this time around, is to simply enjoy myself and see how long I can consistently blog for. Write for myself and have fun. Sounds simple enough but as a writer when you start to see that no one really cares enough to read your stuff, your whole approach can change very quickly in a desperate attempt to see some numbers on the stats page.

So maybe I should see this failure as a certainty, rather than something that might not happen. The purpose of the blog at that moment, in that time frame will then be to test my self-discipline. To see if I can push through that.

This moment is probably going to come after I hit ‘publish‘ on this post. Although I have high aspirations, I have to be completely honest with myself as a creator right now. The only person that follows this blog at current is me. I could tweet it out through my personal Twitter account but I don’t think that would have too much of an effect on the statistics. I could share it on my personal Facebook account but then all that would do is let all online the busy-bodies know that the Kid Mentalist is doing something on the internet again.

So the only way that anyone is going to find this blog at the moment is though the WordPress reader. Let’s just say I’m not too active on that either. As in I have never used it ever to consume content. I have never re-blogged a piece of writing on there so I doubt I’m going to be too well-known on their either.

My only hope is to post as frequently as possible and let the law of large numbers dictate the size of my following. Lord have mercy.

To finish of this first little explanatory piece, I’d just like to say a thank you to Kendrick Lamar who has kindly kept me company whilst writing, with his project To Pimp A Butterfly.  

I would invite you to share this piece now and follow this blog but I know that there probably won’t be too many people reading this as it is just the very first result in a series of coin flips depicting what conclusion the law of averages and large numbers will give in the case of this blog.

Stay posted.