I’m Taking The 5:30 A.M Challenge Here’s Why…


This week’s blog post has spawned from my undertaking of the #530AM challenge, which I will begin Monday the 6th of November and keep up until Wednesday the 6th of December. It’s pretty obvious what the aim of the challenge is but for anyone who still isn’t sure of the premise basically I’m going to wake up at 5:30 AM every day for one whole month. It sounds like a very outlandish challenge I know, but the hint is in the name. It’s a challenge. Boy, do I like a challenge. Not you’re typical cinnamon challenge or salt and ice challenge no. This is a healthy and relatively simple challenge that I believe everyone should try at some time or another in their lives. But I’ve decided that I’m going to try this challenge even if it kills me.

Here’s why…

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An Introvert Or A Feckin’ Eejit…


In a weekend I’ve watched more football matches than I have in the last two years. They were fun to view alright. But the experience as a whole has really made me think about why exactly I don’t go to these games very often or other public events like them for that matter. And it’s definitely begged the question; am I an introvert or a feckin’ eejit.. 

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Trying To Achieve Your Dreams? You Need To Answer This Question..


It takes a lot to achieve a dream. Grit, determination, motivation, resilience, etc. Some people have all of these qualities. Others do not. This difference is what separates the individuals who are more likely to find success in their pursuits and the people who are less likely. But whether or not you have any of these skills is for another day. If you really want to achieve your dreams or ambitions, if you possess any of these abilities or not, at some point in time you’re going to have to answer this question;

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“When I Find Myself In Times Of Trouble..” 

There’s been a lot of inactivity here on this blog for a while now. I thought I might sit down and talk about my noticeable absence but the truth is there’s nothing ‘noticeable’ about it at all. No one cares enough about the blog at this moment in time to actually ask “where’s my content?!”. Which is pretty much fine by me because it puts less pressure on the whole creative process and enables me to just write when I feel like it. Not when I feel like I have to do it because someone’s pestered or asked me to.

Long story short, I haven’t posted in so long because a spanner has been thrown into the works and it has come in the form of tragedy. Without revealing what said tragedy was or still continues to be, I’m going to take this opportunity to talk a little about how it is I’ve been dealing and coping with it and adversity in general.

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If I Could Have One Super Power..


If this was the case..

And I was granted one wish from a genie in a bottle that gave out free superpowers, I would pick an ability that actually exists in the world today.

Some people indeed already have this super power and it’s something that can be learnable if you have the right resources.

It’s not super sonic speed.

It’s not teleportation or telekinesis (the ability to read thoughts and move objects with the mind). 

It’s hypnotism.

giphy-downsized (3) copy 2.gif

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