Logic Concert In The Olympia Theatre

This is the second video I worked on for my channel. As the title suggests, I went to see my favorite rapper of all time (Logic) in Dublin. I know it’s kind of the same as my last post but hey, it was an event that I wanted to talk about. I’m making different style videos then that at the moment so you don’t have to worry. Hope you enjoy!

Monday 13th of November 17:37



J.Cole Concert In Dublin

This is the first video I made for YouTube. In it I talk about the experience I had recently of going to a J.Cole Concert In Dublin. Long story short it was lit. There is some pretty good footage in it too of the actual concert. I tried to give you guys a glimpse at the show. Hopefully I did it well. Numbers wise we’re doing pretty good. 80+ in over a day.

Sunday 22nd of October 21:15


This is a page for my YouTube videos. Because I have started making these again I think a great way to get some exposure is to share them with the audience I have on my blog. So what I’m going to do is update this page with the links to all the videos I post. So far I can proudly say I have two completed projects that I can link to. I will continue to update this page.

Sunday 22nd of October 21:10