Greetings! Episode #3. Halloween Edition

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A lot has happened since I last updated my home page. I’ve been away for Halloween, I’ve had some very successful blog posts and gained a tonne of new followers. It’s been a very good month for Kid Mentalist and I just want to share a screenshot of some of the stats for just the month of October.

October Stats

As you can probably gather from that little screenshot this has been our best month for the blog so far. Interaction and traffic levels are up crazy amounts and doing better then  our first few months combined. I just want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you guys that have taken the time to read, follow and interact with this blog. It means so much to me and I’m glad I can offer everyone enjoyable content through doing something I’m passionate about and apparently good at.

So with that little acknowledgement out of the way it’s time to get down to…



Last time I updated Greetings I added a new page to the website called ‘Mobile’. If you haven’t already checked that out or know what that is no biggie. It’s just a place for little diary entry type things that I do. Thoughts, ideas, opinions a little over or under 100 words each. The main thing is that they’re short little instalments that I prefer to do instead of 1,000 word blog post. So if you’re interested into taking a look at the more day to day thoughts and opinions I have then check it out.

With that being said, recently, you may have noticed I have added another page to this website called ‘Videos’ because ladies and gentlemen I have finally started to make YouTube videos. Don’t ask me why because all will be revealed in time. Or should I say in my next couple of blog posts. Anyway this page is a place where I store my videos and give you guys a link to them to check them out. I might write a bit about what I’m talking about in the video above it in a paragraph too. So if you’re interested in hearing more of what I have to say you should check that out. We already have three videos up and online ready for you to view.

Here’s a little screenshot of the format it’s going to take…


*Tim Cook voice*

I’m sure you get the idea. This is ‘videos’ and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

tim cook

Ok so post wise we’ve got a lot for you since we haven’t updated this series in so long. I’m just going to jump right in and start us off.

On September 30th I publishedTrying To Achieve Your Dreams? You Need To Answer This Question..”.


So this was our first post that really started to get some traction ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ wise. To date it’s got 25 likes, 15 comments and 94 total views. This post is dead now so there has been no recent traction on it. All in all it was quite fun to write. A brief synopsis of it would be that it’s me trying to deal with not being ready to achieve my dreams. I’m not that good a musician in general and I feel like I need to work on that if I am to be a professional hip hop artist in the future. I talk about dreams in general as well as my own so there’s definitely some good advice in there if you want to check it out. The title’s a bit wordy I’m not going to lie but I feel like I’m stepping my game up in that regard now.

On October 7th I published my most successful piece to date, “Do What You Don’t”. 


This post was more then me just sitting down at a computer and churning out an idea. this post involved some field research and some investigative journalism. I’ll talk stats for a second and then get into what the post is about.

To date it has over 30 likes, 29 comments and 142 views. Not too shabby for a blog that’s only 4 months old.

The synopsis for this one is that I was out at a friend’s house and realised how different the stuff that do at his house is to the stuff I would normally do. It inspired the title which basically came from me doing all the stuff that I would never do. Ultimately doing what I don’t. It explains how important it is to get outside your comfort zone and grab life by the preferred sexual organ of choice. Jesus that sounds cringey. But anyway you get the idea. It’s one of my favourite blog posts that I’ve wrote to date. More so because at the time of publishing I wasn’t really confident that it would work. The writing didn’t sound that good to me at the time and I was hesitant to hit publish on it. But low-and-behold my biggest worrier has turned into my biggest success and I’m really proud of it.

Hope you guys enjoy it if you get the chance to check it out. I have hyper-linked all the writing highlighted in blue to the actual post I’m talking about. It’ll open it up in a new tab and you can save it for later reading if you want to continue with this post.

Finally on October 16th the day after my birthday I published an article that’s title I’m really fucking proud of..”An Introvert or A Fecki’ Eejit…” .


This post was meant to be more comedic and give you guys and break from some of the deep and meaningful stuff that I’ve been publishing recently. Let’s get into the some of the stats for this post.

This article has 17 likes, 14 comments and 126 views. Not as many likes as some of our other posts but oh well. Can’t be lucky every time. But this post has done relatively well on views. We’ve managed to cross the 100 barrier which is going to be the news standard from now on for views. One that I hope to maintain and only increase over the following months.

The synopsis for this post is that I had to go to a football match and it was just this horrible experience that I otherwise would have enjoyed had I not been just so introverted and weird about it. This post basically talks about how in certain social situations like big events such as the football match I find it really hard to function because in general I’m just such an oddball. It’s also a rallying cry to other people who may feel the same way. At the end of the piece I give a call to arms for all the Introverted Eejits reading. It’s some humour that I write as always at my expense but I feel like it’s something that I’ve been grappling with for a long time and just want to talk about right now. Towards the end of the piece I mention that I had a conversation with a friend recently who opened up me about feeling as socially awkward as I feel sometimes. It was really heartwarming to hear how I’m not alone in my quirks. Which mainly caused me to write this post if I’m honest. Opening up about it seems like half the battle and can really help people as I experienced.  All in all it’s a fun post and I hope that you guys enjoy it.

Final Words..

Because this post is so long I’m not going hammer you guys with another barrage of paragraphs for the ‘Fun’ segment. But don’t worry, it will be returning over the next while. I won’t leave this series to be updated so long next time. So I’ll have plenty of time to add in a fun segment. Anyways. Hope you all enjoyed Halloween. I was abroad for mine in England and I thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations over there. Fireworks were insane and you can check them out over on my Twitter @kidmentalist.

Until next time.

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Stay posted,



Greetings! Episode #2. Long Time No See


Wow. It’s really been a while hasn’t it. Nobody really cares that I haven’t written anything for so long except for me. But anyways here we are again… 

I can’t wait for this site to turn into a huge directory of thought. It’s just going to be insane when that happens. I can kind of feel it moving from this ‘new thing’  to something that I’m going to have with me for life. This is exactly what I wanted. At the start I published like every 2 days because I thought that’s what the blog needed to get to its feet and to gain some initial traffic. But now I can finally relax a little and unwind because Kid Mentalist has become what I wanted it to be in the first place; a palace for my thoughts. 

Some people keep diaries, write sticky notes. I publish on a blog. Not just any old blog though. This site actually looks decent compared to a lot of other sites that I’ve seen here on WordPress. So I’m pretty happy with how that’s turned out.

That’s pretty much it on the forefront of things.

So with that out of the way we can finally get down to..


Today I’m proud to announce that we are adding an extension to our blog, Kid Mentalist. The back story behind it is that I really like to write but at the same time I don’t like having to produce a 1000 word post every time I sit down just so I can publish. In a sense it’s kind of boxed me in to a format that, while I enjoy it very much, limits my potential as a creative.

Sometimes inspiration strikes at random moments and that might not be in the form of a 3 minute-read-article. I thought about using Twitter for this function but I don’t really think 144 characters is enough of a length for me to express my ideas. Plus there is the whole thing of meeting trolls and online trolling that I just don’t like.

My WordPress site feels like a safe haven because realistically none of my friends or people I know are going to be using it. That and the fact that people who do try to comment with spam or try to troll need my approval first make this decision easier than I thought it would.

So, ladies and gentleman.

I am proud to announce the addition of Mobile. A place on Kid Mentalist that features smaller pieces of writing for those who don’t really have the time for longer reads.

I’m calling it Mobile because the posts are going to be a little bit bigger than a tweet but at the same time the idea is that I can write one anywhere at any time whenever I feel like it. I can just whip out my phone and add a piece to it if I can’t get to a computer.

I’m really excited to add to Mobile in the future. It gives me a place to share my thoughts 24/7.

I feel like Tim Cook unveiling iPhone X lol.

Tim Cook.gif

Ok maybe that Gif is a little too much..

Screw it who cares I am seriously excited about this so why not. 😂

With the introduction of Mobile today, I’ve decided not to do a Fun. segment. Sorry bout that guys. It’ll be on the next one I guess.

But if you guys want some more Kid Mentalist content I can definitely hook that up right now and give you guys the run down of what’s happened and been published since Greetings! Episode #1. aired.

This is my ‘one more thing’ incase you guys haven’t noticed. 😂


I published 3 pieces in total.

The first was one that I wrote titled ‘6 Blogging Related Tweets That Make Me Question My Sanity’.


It entailed a list of 6 tweets that I thought we’re really funny relating to blogging and just in general found amusing. So I thought I’d share them with you guys in the form of a blog post. This piece of content was my most viewed post on the site for a good while. I was pretty happy with its outreach as it was something I hadn’t really done before and was definitely fun to do. Might even do a second for you guys because I’m sure there are plenty more tweets that make me question my sanity where those 6 came from.

The second was a post called ‘If I Could Have One Super Power’.


Not to go into too much detail it was a post about my dealings with hypnotism and how I think that it’s a super cool effect that I would love to learn. Also I recount a time where I almost accidentally got hypnotised by a real mentalist who actually did a Ted Talk some years ago demonstrating his powers…..yeah. You can actually check that talk out here. It’s actually amassed a crazy number of 6.6M views, which is pretty cool.

The third and final piece that I wrote is a little more on the serious side. It’s called ‘When I Find Myself In Times Of Trouble’.


To sum it up this post is basically about dealing with tragedy and adversity in life and how to deal with it when it happens. I had to experience my own adversity only a little while ago so I thought talking about it and offering an insight to people about this sort of thing could possibly be helpful to some people. So that’s just what I did. I really hope you guys take away something from it, At least one little thing. It would make my day if you did.


Final Words..

Thanks for sticking around to read all of this if you have. I appreciate it very much.

I hope you guys will enjoy Mobile because I’m extremely excited to start using it.

Other than that, if you’ve enjoyed this little sample of my writing please take a look around the rest of the website. Click on that ‘Blog’ button and you’ll be taken to a stream of all current blog posts I have published on here to date.

Thanks for reading. Maybe you’d hit that re-blog button? Or follow this blog? I would really appreciate it. Hit up the email address if you have any queries of any kind.

Until next time,

Stay posted.



Greetings! Episode #1.


Greetings is the first piece of writing you see on the blog’s home page. This is going to be a series that I update weekly. Basically, I pick a different gif each week and at the end we have a collection of pretty cool gifs.

I wish. 

No, greetings is simply a little digest of what’s happening on this website for the first time viewer. Yeah that’s right, I’m talking about you reading this right now.

Since this is the first instalment I’m not going to write a lot but just small amount to give you guys an idea of what direction this series is going to be taking.

I imagine this is going to a lot of fun to write. I’m honestly really excited.

First thing’s first though..


giphy-downsized (1).gif

I’m sorry but that gif is just too cute to handle.

I think this is going to be the general structure of each segment. Everything just opens with a gif. It makes sense in my mind anyway. Helps break the ice of formality that you get when you go to other blogs.

So business basically for now is where I tell you about the latest pieces that were written for the blog and push any call to actions that were suggested in them. As well as that I give a run down of the week that was had on the blog.

Let’s begin.

On Saturday, the 22nd of July I published the first ever blog post on Kid Mentalist, titled “Want To Make Friends? Use Mentalism”.

This post was basically me writing about how I experimented with a bit of mentalism in an attempt to gain some footing with people I had very recently met and wasn’t too familiar with.

In particular I hone in on a trick I did that involved a sky dive in Thailand, boats and the colour blue.

Very interesting stuff if you’ll give it the time to read.

Two days later on Tuesday, the 24th of July I published a post about self-care, fittingly titled “The Wonder of Self Care”.

In this post I basically wrote about a day I had that I decided to dedicate to practicing some self-care.

From meditation, to exercise I did a lot of basic things that just made me unusually happy. So I decided to write about the experience in the hopes of “sparking a conversation about mental health and self-care.” 

And here we reach our very first call to action.

In this article at the bottom I left the blog’s email address and said I would love to hear about anyone’s mental health or self-care stories. This still goes.

If you would like to get in contact I would love to hear from you.

You can email the blog via kidmentalist@gmail.com 

Finally I would like to stress that any feedback at all on the posts is extremely appreciated. It lets me know that someone has actually read something that I wrote and finds it interesting enough to drop a comment or maybe re-blog it. In a word it is simply validation. That what I am doing is actually having a marginal impact in someone’s life.

Now for something a little more..


giphy (1).gif

So this is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while but didn’t exactly have the format to do so.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos throughout the course of my day because YouTube is the only place where I really consume my news and media.

And if anyone knows anything about YouTube it’s that the comments section under every video is almost always insane.

More often than not you can see a lot of anti-Semitic, racist…do I really need to continue this list or do you get the picture?

Anyway. Sometimes you can find some jewels that just make you laugh like hell. Well I came across two examples of these during the week.

Oh, I almost forgot. We need a name for this segment.

How about..

Dedass Comments That Make Us Weak!

giphy (2).gif

Yeah I’m going to have to work on that title…


Unfortunately this first one has been removed by Complex. Understandably so.

The gist of it was that this reporter for Complex was speaking about Tyler, the Creator and doing a timeline of his sexuality. Yeah, don’t ask.

Anyway, the reporter has a slight lisp. It’s not too noticeable but you can definitely hear it in there.

So I scroll down to the comments and sure enough the internet has exploded.


There’s probably a good five thousand comments on this video and I guarantee half of them are just savage roasts of this reporter and his lisp.

I felt so unbelievably bad for the guy. But at the same time I just couldn’t help but laugh at it. Probably because that’s my kind of humour. When it’s bad to laugh at something I’m just gone.

But no wonder it was removed.

God bless the internet.

The second however I can actually show you guys.

This is the video that the comment is under and not surprisingly, its top comment by a mile. The first one you see.

The video is an interview Tyler, the Creator did with the actor Seth Rogen. 

It’s actually pretty interesting if you watch it from start to finish.

It talks a lot about Seth’s early days as an actor, doing the comedy show Freaks and Geeks, writing and producing his own films, such as Knocked Up and Bad Boys. 

But I’m sure if you watch the video you’ll get the funniness of this comment.

Screenshot 2017-07-25_21-08-03


I seen this I thought it was an accurate depiction of the interview.

You can see why two and a half thousand people liked the comment. Even I did and that’s something I only reserve for the best of the best.

This segment is definitely going to make another appearance in the future. I just know it.

If you guys want to send in any dedass comments that make us weak please feel free to hit up that email address that mentioned above. Would love to see some suggestions.

Final Words..

That’s going to be it for this instalment of Greetings. Since it’s the first of many I decided not to go too overboard with it. Reserve some ideas for the next few weeks.

If you’ve enjoyed this little sample of my writing please take a look around the rest of the website. Click on that ‘Blog’ button and you’ll be taken to a stream of all current blog posts I have published on here to date.

Thanks for reading. Maybe you’d hit that re-blog button? Or follow this blog? I would really appreciate it. Hit up the email address if you have any queries of any kind.

Until next time.

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Stay posted,